Department messages and calls

* Link to a blog recently written by Prof. Moshe Maor: LSE Blog: British politics and policy



* The Department of Polticial Science congratulates Tal Elster for winning the University's President Scholarship!


* The Department of Political Science congratulates Dr. Liran Harsgor for completing her PhD, titled "Formative Experiences and Their Political Consequences: The Role of Generations in the Explanation of Political Behavior"! Congratulation also to Liran's supervisors, Prof. Orit Kedar and Prof. Michael Shalev.


* The Department of Political Science congratulates Dr. Nir Barak for completing his PhD, titled "Civic Ecologism: Towards an Environmental Political Theory of the City"! Congratulation also to Nir's supervisor, Prof. Avner de-Shalit.


* Invitation to conference: From the EU Peacebuilding to the EU Statebuilding, April 24-25


* On April 11, the Political Science student committee held a "Remembering in the Living Room" event, where holocaust survivors and second-generation survivors share their stories. An article about the event was published in a German newspaper


* Invitation to book launching event of Prof. Ruth HaCohen Pinczower and Prof. Yaron Ezrahi (link to Hebrew poster)


* Registration for the research track MA and MA-PhD graduate Tele"m program is underway: applications due May 15, 2018


* Call for student applicant to position in Department of Interior (in Hebrew)


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