General M.A.

This study track is intended for students wishing to leave their study options as open as possible, allowing them to focus on areas that may not belong to the specific specialization tracks (for example, political thought). The general M.A. track is intended for both the research and non-research paths. Studies without specialization include general required courses (depending on the choice of path of study, research/non-research) and elective coursework, making up 36 course credits. General M.A. track students are welcome to receive advice from the department's M.A. advisor. 


For additional details and admissions requirements on the University website (in Hebrew)

for additional information on the structure of M.A. studies (in Hebrew, pages 13-18)


In order to register for M.A. studies you must complete both of these tasks:

1. Register and pay for registration on-line through the University website.

2. Fill out the internal registration form  and send with all the required paperwork attached to Ms. Orel Levi in the Faculty of Social Sciences.


Additional Details:

Coordinator of M.A. registration in the Political Science Department: Ms. Noa Ben Ukabi:

Coordinator of M.A. registration in the Faculty of Social Sciences: Ms. Orel Levi:

Professor Ephraim Podoksik – Advisor for M.A. students: 972-2-5883273