Specialization in Democracy and Politics in Israel

Head of Specialty: Professor Gideon Rahat

The main rational behind this specialization is the combination of the uniqueness of the Political Science Department at Hebrew University - located in Jerusalem at the center of government and politics in Israel, adjacent to areas of relevance to research combining the political and practical arenas of the department faculty - and the desire of our students to learn and understand, in depth and in practice, the characteristics, dynamics and processes of Israeli politics and democracy. Accordingly, the studies in this specialization will explore subjects which apply to democracy and politics, in Israel and more broadly, empirically, theoretically and normatively. The main goal is to provide students with integrated distinct knowledge and understanding of these fields. The many specialties and expertise of the department in the aspects of democracy and politics in Israel ensure a diverse and unique program with high standards. The combination between democracy and politics in Israel is designed to provide a deep understanding of the essence of democracy and the ability to examine strengths and weaknesses in its implementation in the case of Israel. 


For additional details and admissions requirements on the University website (in Hebrew)

for additional information on the structure of M.A. studies (in Hebrew, pages 19-20)


In order to register for M.A. studies you must complete both of these tasks:

1. Register and pay for registration on-line through the University website.

2. Fill out the internal registration form  and send with all the required paperwork attached to Ms. Orel Levi in the Faculty of Social Sciences.


Additional Details:

Coordinator of M.A. registration in the Political Science Department: Ms. Noa Ben Ukabi: noabenu@savion.huji.ac.il

Coordinator of M.A. registration in the Faculty of Social Sciences: Ms. Orel Levi:orele@savion.huji.ac.il

Professor Ephraim Podoksik – Advisor for M.A. students: 972-2-5883273 podoksik@mail.huji.ac.il