Specialization in International Relations

Head of the specialty: Professor Daniel Schwartz


This specialty focuses on the areas where International Relations and Political Science overlap.  The goal  is to enable students interested in cases dealing in the overlap between the international arena and the arena of state, or in matters which touch upon the international arena of politics more broadly, to combine core and elective courses from the Department of International Relations in their studies. This specialization is based on the disciplinary proximity between the departments, allowing advanced political science students to strengthen their acquaintance with theories and methods from the field of International Relations. This track enables students in the research track specifically to acquaint themselves with the research in the field of International Relations. In essence, this is the main track for these students, allowing them to formulate research theories and gain tools which can be integrated in both the political and international arenas. 


For additional details and admissions requirements on the University website (in Hebrew)

For additional information on the structure of M.A. studies (in Hebrew, pages 24-25)


In order to register for M.A. studies you must complete both of these tasks:

1. Register and pay for registration on-line through the University website.

2. Fill out the internal registration form  and send with all the required paperwork attached to Ms. Orel Levi in the Faculty of Social Sciences.


Additional Details:

Coordinator of M.A. registration in the Political Science Department: Ms. Noa Ben Ukabi: noabenu@savion.huji.ac.il

Coordinator of M.A. registration in the Faculty of Social Sciences: Ms. Orel Levi:orele@savion.huji.ac.il

Professor Ephraim Podoksik – Advisor for M.A. students: 972-2-5883273 podoksik@mail.huji.ac.il