Chen Elisha

Chen Elisha
Doctoral student, department of Political Science
Dissertaion Project Title: Heuristics in Voting Decisions
Supervisors:Prof. Alex Mintz (The Interdisciplinary Center) & Prof. David Levi-Faur |
The field of decision-making processes is an evolving field that has been flourishing ‎in recent years ‎and engages with a wide range of disciplines, within and outside academia. This study aims to ‎present a new angle to the Israeli voter's voting patterns and ‎examine the influence of heuristics on ‎a voter's choices using an innovatively decision-monitoring ‎technique. The leading research ‎question of this thesis is: How certain ‎factors influence the use of heuristics in Israeli voting ‎decisions?‎ This doctoral thesis is a collection of articles that will examine the place of heuristics in ‎voting for the Israeli electorate, as part of this, the impact of personalization, socio-demographic ‎factors, and political affiliation will be examined.‎