Adam Hoffman

Adam Hoffman
Doctoral student, department of Political Science
Dissertation title: Tweeting Jihad: the Use of Social Media in the Salafi Jihadi Movement
Supervisors: Prof. Alon Peled (Hebrew University) and Prof. Karine Nahon (The Interdisciplinary Center - IDC)

Adam Hoffman is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Political Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a lecturer at the Rothberg International School and an analyst at the Middle Eastern Social Networks Analysis Desk at the Moshe Dayan Center (MDC). In 2015, he was a Neubauer Research Fellow at the Program for Terrorism and Low Intensity Conflict at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS), Tel Aviv.

His research focuses on the cultural practices of salafi-jihadi movements on social media, with a particular focus on Islamic State (ISIS) and al-Qa'ida. His analysis has been featured on The Times of Israeli24News and the Knesset Channel, and his commentary has been published on NewsweekThe Center for Religion & Geopolitics, The Jerusalem Post, Ynet and Walla! News.


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