Asaf Lebovitz

Asaf Lebovitz
Doctoral student, department of Political Science
Dissertation title: Spiritual Tradition: religious renewal of Israeli celebrities as a democratic post-secular citizenship
Supervisor: Dr. Gayil Talshir

Assaf Lebovitz is a doctoral candidate and recipient of the President’s Scholarship at the political science department at Hebrew University and is an Honors graduate of both the International Relation’s and Political Science departments at Hebrew University. His doctoral thesis focuses on spiritual traditionalism as active eastern identity in Israeli society. He completed his Master’s degree on the Dean’s List at the Gilo Center for Citizenship, Democracy and Civic Education. Assaf’s doctoral research focuses on the religious revival of Israeli celebrities as civic dialogue suited to the era of politics of post-secular identities. Assaf’s areas of research focus on the relation between ethnicity, culture, democracy and politics of identities. Assaf is a member of workshops and study groups which deal with spirituality and politics in Israel, the crisis of the legitimacy of democracy and methods of ethnographic research.


Discourse of Citizenship. Celebrity Studies: 31 pp typescript


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