Netta Moshe

Netta Moshe
Doctoral student, Department of Political Science
Dissertation title:Unpacking the Road: How Do Migration Journey Political and Geographical factors affect Asylum Seekers Destination Choice?
Supervisors: Prof. Dan Miodownik
My field of research is Asylum seekers and refugees migration, in which I focus on one of the least researched components of asylum migration and that is the migration journey. Through this inquiry, I seek to argue that the political conditions exist in the countries of transit during the journey have an impact on the progress of the migration journey or its stopping, and on the choice of the destination countries. I use narrative and spatial data that emerged from interviews I conducted with asylum seekers. In doing so, I seek to make both theoretical and empirical-methodological contributions to understanding the impact and complexity of the political conditions en route, linking spatial analysis (via GIS) to thematic narrative analysis of political conditions during the journey.