Ofir Hadad

Doctoral student, Department of Political Science
Dissertation title: Friend or Foe? The Framing Process of Asylum Seekers on Collaboration Grounds and The Immigration Policy towards them
Supervisor: Prof. Menachem Hofnung


Ofir Hadad is a Ph.D. candidate in the Advanced Graduate-Research Program (Telem) of the Department of Political Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Ofir is also a fellow of the interdisciplinary doctoral program Human Rights under Pressure (joint program with the Free University of Berlin) and the first fellow of The American Friends of Yitzhak Rabin Fund.

Ofir holds an LL.B (magna cum laude) in Law and in Amirim - The Interdisciplinary Honors Program of Humanities, both at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and was certified as a lawyer in 2014. For his M.A studies (magna cum laude) Ofir joined the Advanced Graduate-Research Program (Telem). Before starting his studies, Ofir served as an officer in the IDF intelligence corps for seven years, discharged with the rank of Captain.

Pursuing his fields of interest regarding national security, democracy and human rights, Ofir’s research focuses on the state's framing process of people seeking asylum based on a claim of collaboration with the state, and the immigration policy towards them.

Ofir lives in Modi'in with his wife Merav and his daughter Gefen.