History of the Department:

Established in the early 1950’s, The Department of Political Science at the Hebrew University was the first department of Political Science in Israel with a focus on research, teaching, and academic training of graduate students. Since its founding the department has been a global leader in the field.

The department’s faculty and research cover an array of political phenomena such as institutions, governance, policy, theory, behavior and much more. We teach these subjects with a focus on the politics and government of the State of Israel. Our department combines academic research with political involvement, taking advantage of our presence in the political capital of Israel - Jerusalem.

Our students constitute the future of political research and political practice, both in Israel and abroad. The undergraduate program of studies takes a research-based approach, deepening students’ understanding of politics within both the academic and political arenas. The department also offers several graduate-level (MA) degree programs, with options for specialization in Democracy & Politics in Israel, International Relations, Political Thought, Political Communication, and Law, Government & Society. Doctoral students in the department typically specialize in the aforementioned sub-fields. Our PhD candidates benefit from the highest level of instruction and supervision in Israel, with the top students earning fellowships in a fast-track program.

Our academic faculty includes graduates of the best universities in the world. Our faculty is also deeply involved in contemporary politics in Israel. Graduates of our department go on to hold political positions in Israel and abroad. Our graduates also work in the fields of diplomacy, public relations, public management, civil society NGO’s, research think tanks, journalism and of course – the academic study of politics. Included among our graduates are current and former government ministers, Members of Knesset, former Speakers of the Knesset, Israeli ambassadors, journalists, Director Generals of Government Ministries, employees of the Prime Minister's Office, the Bank of Israel, and more.


From the Department Chair

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Department of Political Science was founded just after the establishment of the State of Israel, in the 1949/50 academic year. Today our department is among the top 50 departments of Political Science in the world and is ranked first in Israel. Our department is regularly ranked among the top dozen departments of political science where the language of instruction is not English.

The department's faculty publishes research of the highest quality. Many of our faculty are at the forefront of their fields, including Israeli and comparative politics, electoral systems, political communication, political thought, political institutions, public policy and public management, political psychology, political economy, social and political discourse, and more.

Our departmental activities are wide-reaching. We regularly host conferences, speakers, and other events, inviting our students to participate. In collaboration with the Department of International Relations and the School of Public Policy, the department hosts an annual international student conference, which exposes our students to a variety of researchers from institutions across the world. In addition, the department hosts weekly lectures, including departmental seminars, lectures from the various Jerusalem forums, and other talks as part of our ongoing series that engage our student body.  

The department typically hosts 50 - 60 doctoral students as well as about 50 MA students. Our graduate students are comprised of the best, most creative and successful Political Science research students in Israel. The department takes great pride in our students and in their ongoing success.

Departmental graduates go on to leadership positions in Israel and across the world. Our graduates have served and are serving as elected officials at the national and local level, including as government ministers and Members of Knesset. Many also serve in management positions in government ministries, in local government, in education and security institutions, and in the private sector. Graduates of our department can also be found in key positions in civil society, including in non-governmental organizations and non-profits. And, of course, many of our graduates have pursued academic careers; they continue to enrich Israeli society through teaching, research, and political and social entrepreneurship.

Today our department is continually advancing both our research and teaching. We enjoy what we do and we are proud of all our students. Feel free to contact us and come visit!