Every art and every research matter, and all doings and business aspire to that which is good. Therefore it is the matter of that science which is chief and sovereign above all others... And that is clearly the science of politics.

(Aristotle, Ethics, book 1)

The total phenomena pertaining to power, governance and the political behavior of the individual, stands at the center of society and modern existence (there are those who argue - everything is political). The Department of Political Science, grows from within the political grain and grows back into it. Established as the first department of Political Science in Israel with a focus on research, teaching, evaluating and employing our graduates, and received as a global leader in the field.

The department researches, tests and influences different political phenomena- institutions, government, management, thought and behavior of citizens- as they occur around the world, through focusing on the politics and government in the state of Israel. The department focuses on comparative analysis of the realities which teach about the ways in which phenomena occur and occurred, next to philosophical debate in the questions of the desirable and ideal which ought to exist. The department sees the importance of combining academic research with political involvement, in the capitol of the government of Israel- Jerusalem.

From the outlook that the students are the future of research and activity in the field, the department invests in enriching activities, in lecturer-student forums, guest lecturers and even maintaining a special track for the best students beginning from the starting stages of their studies. The program for undergraduate studies is intended to provide theoretical and research tools for understanding, deepened understanding and action within the academic and political arenas. The breadth of the field constitutes a basis for the study and practice within related fields or markets such as international relations, economics, communications, law, business, sociology and other similar fields. For her graduates, and excelling graduates of the universities in Israel and overseas, the department offers a few programs for graduate studies (M.A.): comparative politics, political thought, Israeli politics, public management and public policy and courses of democracy and citizenship in the studies of politics and communications. In the framework of the M.A. degree program there is the option of combining studies with other departments such as Law and Politics or Political Philosophy. 

The Department for Political Science offers Doctoral study tracks (Ph.D.) in the fields of the different specializations and/or combinations of them with the best instruction in Israel.

“Politics is too serious a matter to be left to politicians”

(Charles De Gaulle)


The Department faculty is made up from the graduates of the best universities in the world. The faculty is involved in the current political debate (for example, the debates about direct elections for the Prime Minister, issues of religion and state and the question of the Constitution), media commentary, and as holders of executive offices in the public service, and advisors to the institutions of government and politicians.

Graduates of the department fill jobs in the public arena in Israel and abroad in the areas of Management, diplomacy, public relations, journalism and of course – research and teaching of politics. Included among them, past and present, ministers, Knesset members, journalists, executives within the Foreign Ministry, Prime Minister's Office, Bank of Israel, the President of the Chamber of Commerce, the chief executive of Channel 2, Israeli ambassadors, chairmen of the Knesset, and many others.

For the purpose of Political Science is the highest of all and its main focus is to impart upon citizens the qualities needed to improve society and do good.