Undergraduate (B.A.) degree

Political scientists study how politics work- both within the state and between states. They ask questions like- why do wars breakout? How are  coalitions established? What is an effective political campaign? Why do certain religions inherit hatred for other religions? How is public policy designed? What is social justice? Are a boycott movements,  like the BDS movement for example, ethical?  How does the media cover politics? When do democracies become unstable? How is public opinion formed, and how is an election won? If you are interested in the way the world of politics works in Israel and around the world- then this is the field of study for you.


What Can You Do With This?

Studies of political science aid developing needed skills in the job market. The program in the department is designed with the goals of contributing to the improvement of critical thinking,

understanding and analysis of facts, communication and research scholarship and ethical reasoning.


Graduates of the department fill senior positions in both the public and private sectors in Israel and abroad in the fields of management, diplomacy, public relations, journalism, and of coarse- research, teaching and politics. In the past and currently, our graduates filled positions including- Ministers, Ministers of Knesset, journalists, CEOs of government offices, for example the bank of Israel, Ambassadors of Israel, Chairmen of the Knesset and many more.


Why at Hebrew University?

The Hebrew University is ranked as the top university in Israel. The department for political science is the first in Israel with a rich history in research and teaching. The faculty of the department is assembled from graduates of the best universities in the world and the best of the researchers, recipients of the Israel Prize, members of academia for sciences and the Council for Higher Education. The faculty members are involved in political debate, hold senior positions in the public service and serve as advisors to institutions of government as well as to politicians. The department invests in enriching activities, lecture-student forums, guest speakers and a special track is offered for honors students from the beginning stages of their studies.


The department sees the importance of integrating academic research and political involvement in Israel's capitol- Jerusalem. We offer unique additions to the program of study with an emphasis on  fieldwork, like the course integrating practical specialization and the course integrating visits to the legislature.


We encourage excellence, and offer different prizes of excellence within the Bachelor degree program.


We offer support through our mentoring program and offer aid to different populations and have a guidance counselor just for the first year undergraduate students.


Which other majors work well with Political Science?

The program for undergraduate studies is intended to provide theoretical and research tools for the purpose of understanding and to deepen involvement in the academic and political arenas. The breadth of the field provides a basis for the study and practice in the derived and tangential fields including international relations, economics, communications, law, business administration, psychology, middle eastern studies, sociology, philosphy, education, statistics, history, geography and more.


Many of the options have the added value that they open windows to worlds of interdisciplinary knowledge and are given the option of specialization by combining core and elective courses (for example: political communications, political psychology, political sociology, political philosophy, political geography, political organizational consulting, applied statistics, regional specializations- such as the middle east or eastern Asia)


Additionally, we offer a number of other programs:


Law- Political Science, for combining with the study of law (this track requires separate acceptance to the faculty of law) (link to Hebrew information site)

The program for educational-social leadership, to combine with education studies (link to Hebrew information flier)

Studies toward gaining a teaching certificate for High School in citizenship and government.

Political Science and International relations- the program is specifically built to accommodate combining both degrees.


Join us!

Please note that the great majority of courses at the undergraduate level are taught in Hebrew.


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