Graduate (M.A.) program

Graduate (MA) Degree 

Graduate Study Tracks

Graduate students in our department choose between a research track and a non-research track. MA students will complete a combination of required courses and elective courses. Students may also complete guided reading courses in an area of expertise of a departmental faculty member. Research track students are required to complete one seminar paper, while non-research track students will complete two seminar papers. In addition to their coursework, students in the research track are required to complete an MA thesis, consisting of original Political Science research. Students in the non-research track do not write an MA thesis.


Students may pursue a general MA in Political Science or they may choose one of the following areas of specialization: Program in Politics and Society in the Middle East; Political Communication; Political Thought; or Law, Government and Society. Certain specializations are available exclusively to research track students, while others are available to non-research track students; please see the descriptions below for further details

Admissions Requirements 

Applicants to the non-research track must have completed an undergraduate degree with a final grade of at least 80. Applicants to the research track must have completed an undergraduate degree with a final grade of at least 87. Applicants with undergraduate degrees from departments other than Political Science are required to complete supplementary courses.

Students who wish to be admitted to the research track must also submit a "statement of intent," and qualified candidates will be invited to an interview. Research track students are asked to find a supervisor for their M.A. thesis from among the department’s academic faculty by the end of their second year.

Registration for the MA is open each spring. 

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Please contact the Graduate Students Administrator with any questions regarding the MA degree. 

General M.A. - research and non-research track

Specialization in Politics and Society in the middle east

Specialization in Political Thought

Specialization in Political Communication

Specialization in Law, Government and Society

Program for Advanced Studies (Telem)- integrated MA and PhD program



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