Doctoral studies

Doctoral Advisor: Professor Moshe Maor


The Political Science Department's Doctoral Program is designated for those who completed a research M.A. in Political Science, with an 85 and above average, who wrote a thesis which earned an 85 or higher, and have an assigned doctoral mentor who is a member of the faculty.


The first stage in the acceptance process is establishing an appropriate doctoral mentor. For this purpose, it is recommended to test the expertise and publications of the faculty, to send potential mentors an email with a copy of your resume and to set up a meeting with them. (In extraordinary cases, acceptance of a student may be weighed conditionally in the case where the student does not have a doctoral mentor, this condition is valid for up to two semesters).


Students who meet all of the above requirements are invited to send a request, after finding and receiving approval of a doctoral mentor, to the authority for research students to Ms. Ruth Nidam ( The authority for research students accepts requests biannually, in July and January. The authority will ensure that you meet the required standards of the university and the Department of Political Science and then they will transfer your request to the Department’s doctoral committee.


It is recommended to carefully read the formal requirements to apply for a request on the authority for research students.


If you completed your M.A in Political Science, with an average below and 85 and/or you received below an 85 on your thesis, we regret we cannot accept you to the Doctoral program (although, your application may be considered if your grades are only slightly lower than the threshold, for example and 84 average in you M.A. studies and an 87 on your thesis- in this case you will need to apply a request to the authority for research students),, (after finding and receiving approval for a doctoral mentor.  The Authority will decide whether to pass your case onto the doctoral council for political science).


If you completed your non research M.A.  in Political Science, with an 85 and above average, and you have a doctoral mentor you may apply to the Faculty of Social Sciences with a request to register as a student “completing research requirements” and within that framework, write a final paper. Send your request to Ms. Orel Levi ( along with approval from your doctoral mentor and the doctoral advisor, Professor Moshe Maor ( and copy of your transcript (M.A.), with a copy for Ms. Noa Ben Ukabi:


The doctoral mentor and advisor can prescribe your approval by assigning you specific courses of while meeting their minimum standard. In general, students will be required to learn one or two of the required core courses for research students. upon completion of the thesis, based on the conditions set, you can submit a request to the Authority for Research Students and register for doctoral studies.


If you completed your Master’s in a different discipline, which is not political science, with a final average of 85 of above and wrote a thesis on which you received an 85 or above and you have a doctoral mentor from within the faculty, you may submit to the Political Science Department an application for the status of “specialized research”. This request should be submitted in coordination with your mentor and should include you graduate and undergraduate transcripts to professor Moshe Maor ( The Doctoral council will decide whether to accept you and will decide, along with your doctoral mentor, whether or not to build a completion program (which will likely include B.A. courses, M.A. course and requirements to write a thesis in Political science) and the required grades within the completion requirements. Upon successfully completing he completion program you will qualify to apply to the Authority for Research Students a request to register for doctoral studies.

For additional information on the structure of doctoral studies in the department (in Hebrew, page 32)


For more questions, contact the Authority for research studies (, the department coordinator for political science Ms. Rina Tzelik (, and/or to the Doctoral Advisor, professor Moshe Mar( However, please check the extensive information on the  Authority for Research Students web site.


For More information on the structure of doctoral studies please refer to the Research Authority web site