Program for advanced degrees (Tele"m)

Head of the program: Professor Orit Kedar

General information

The department for political science at Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel offers an innovative study program which integrates M.A. and Ph.D. studies and is funded by academic scholarships.

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About the program

The program for advanced studies is a five-year qualification program that integrates masters and doctoral studies in the format of Graduate School in place at leading universities worldwide. This selective program through the Department of Political Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem offers an intensive learning environment and is academically challenging on an international level. This new program is oriented to instill students with the skills needed for conducting research at the highest standard and to position those selected research students at the frontline, spearheading the academic work in Political Science.

A select number of our honors students, with undergraduate degrees, are chosen based on outstanding academic achievements. These students have a wide range of intellectual capabilities, including their flexibility in thinking, depth of thought, research ambitions and their potential to contribute to a creative and productive environment.

This academic program begins with a two-year component during which the students participate in an array of advanced courses which provide them with a systematic, in depth and critical acquaintance with the top and most up to date research in the field. Additionally, the students write a final thesis. With the conclusion of this portion of the program, the students receive their M.A. in Political Science. Throughout the following three years of the program the students are dedicated to working on their doctoral thesis, enriching their knowledge through additional courses, integrating in the world of research, including presentations of the details of their research in academic forums in Israel and Internationally.

This program, the first of its kind in Israel, strives to create financial security for its students, providing them with the resources to allow their academic work to be the central focus of their professional lives. To reach this goal, those students who meet the right criteria and are accepted to the program, are endowed with scholarships which cover academic costs, these students also will work as Teacher’s Assistants and researchers at the University to support themselves. The outstanding among them will receive scholarships to cover living expenses. Additionally, the students selected to study in this elite program are granted the opportunities of working with leading political scientists in Israel and studying with the highest caliber of students in the country. They will receive preferential treatment for endowments of grants and other University and institution based funding including scholarships to participate in scientific conferences overseas. 

For additional information on the structure of the Tele"m program (in Hebrew, pages 27-31)



Registration is done through the university registration system

Applicants should submit the following materials to the administrator of graduate students of the faculty, Ms. Neta Levi ( ), by May 15, 2020:

  • Department registration form
  • Undergraduate transcripts (require at least a 90 average or equivalent) 
  • 2 references indicating research capabilities
  • CV
  • Declaration of academic intent, no more than two pages, detailing fields of interest for academic studies

Please note, you will be asked to rank you preferences. A student interested in being accepted to Tele"m should mark this as "Political Science" (reference # 311). Tele"m is an internal departmental program and thus is not registered separately.

Leading applicants will be invited to an interview during the month of June. You should bring to the interview a final course paper, seminar paper, or draft of seminar paper.

A prerequisite class list will be developed for applicants who have not studied political science in the past.


For additional information please contact:

Ms Rina Tzalik, Coordinator of Department of Political Science: +972-2-588-3058

For information about registration to the Tele"m program in Political Science please contact Ms. Noa Ben Ukabi: , or by phone: +972-2-588-2797. 

For academic questions:Please contact Prof. Orit Kedar, head of the Tee"m program: