Advanced Graduate Studies Program (Telem)

General information

The Department of Political Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel offers an innovative study program which integrates MA and PhD studies, fully funded by academic scholarships.

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About the program

The AGSP/TELEM is a unique, five-year program that integrates master’s and doctoral studies in a format modeled after the Graduate Schools of leading universities worldwide. This highly selective program creates an intensive learning environment, is academically rigorous, and is internationally recognized. This program aims to instill students with the necessary skills for conducting research of the highest caliber, and to position its graduates at the forefront of their fields.

Undergraduate honors students from all academic institutions are invited to apply for the AGSP/TELEM based on their outstanding academic achievements. Applicants must demonstrate a wide range of intellectual capabilities, including flexibility, depth of thought, research ambition, and an ability to contribute to a creative and productive environment.

This academic program begins with a two-year MA component during which students participate in an array of advanced courses aimed at providing them with a systematic, in depth and critical understanding of the top research in the field. At the end of their second year of studies students write a final thesis based on an original piece of research they conduct. With the conclusion of this portion of the program, the students receive their MA in Political Science. The following three years of the program are dedicated to working toward a PhD dissertation. During this portion of the program students enrich their knowledge through additional courses and deepen their involvement in the world of research. Most are expected to present preliminary aspects of their research in academic forums in Israel and internationally.

This program, the first of its kind in Israel, strives to create financial security for its students, providing them with the resources to allow their academic work to be the main focus of their professional lives. To that end, students accepted to the program are awarded scholarships and are offered paid positions as Teaching Assistants and researchers at the university. Students accepted to this elite program are afforded the opportunity to work with leading Political Scientists in Israel and study alongside students of the highest caliber in the country. They will receive preferential treatment for endowments of grants and other institutional funding, including scholarships to participate in scientific conferences overseas. 


Registration is completed through the university registration system.

Interested applicants should contact the Department Administrator and/or the Graduate Students Administrator.