Programs of Study

The Political Science Department at the Hebrew University offers you the opportunity to join a gripping intellectual journey, integrating the interesting studies of Israeli society and politics with the international political system. The department is ranked internationally and domestically as the best Israeli department in this field, and is ranked within the top ten leading departments outside of the United States. For anyone seriously interested in this field, this is the place to study. Among the department's faculty members are the best researchers and lecturers in Israel, four of them recipients of the Israel Prize.

In the framework of the different study programs, the department will impart knowledge, depth and understanding to the wide term of “Politics” through focusing on different ideologies and their developments, institutions and their political purposes,  as well as additional subjects which overlap with politics such as: bureaucracy, legislative law, culture and art.


Please chose from the following Programs:

Undergraduate Degree (B.A)

Masters Degree (M.A)

Doctorate (PhD)

Advanced track for MA-PhD