Department seminar: Yael Barda, "Imperial Legacies of Suspicion: Bureaucrats During Independence Transitions in Israel and in India"

Wed, 09/05/2018 - 14:15 to 15:45

Room 4326, Social Science

Yael Berda, Hebrew University

India, Cyprus and Israel were territories of the British Empire and inherited a common legal framework, administrative structures and toolkits of governance. The trajectory of partition divided the colonial populations into different states so classification of populations into ethnic and religious categories was central to the processes of post-colonial state building. Berda examines how each of these post-colonial states used the administrative legacy it inherited to deal with the movement of populations within their new boundaries. She shows how these legacies, particularly emergency laws of security and surveillance, shaped practices related to the classification of political membership into citizens, residents, refugees and intruders.In this talk, Berda focuses on the study of emergency laws in Israel and India, highlighting how the British colonial roots of security practices, focused on population management and its classification as loyal to the state, or suspicious, formed the boundaries of citizenship after independence.