Avner De-Shalit

Avner De-Shalit
Professor, Department of Political Science
Room 4301, Social Science

Avner de Shalit is a professor at the department of political science. He holds a BA from the Hebrew University (1986) and a D.Phil. from Oxford University (1990). He has served as head of the department, head of the PPE programme and Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences. His research approach is empirically based political philosophy. His research is about environmental politics, politics in the city, and poverty and inequality. Among his recent books: Cities and Immigration (Oxford UP 2019), The Spirit of Cities (with Daniel Bell, Princeton UP 2014) and Disadvantage (with Jonathan Wolff, Oxford UP 2007). For his research he has won the Rothschild prize in the Social Sciences (2014), the EMET prize in Political Science (2019). He was also awarded a prize for inspiring lecturers from the national student union (2019).

Recent Publications (2018-present)


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