Dan Avnon

Dan Avnon
Professor, Chair of Department of Political Science
Room 3313, Social Science
Office Hours: Wednesday, 9:00-10:00

The Leon Blum Chair in Political Science, Professor Dan Avnon founded and headed HU's Gilo Center for Citizenship, Democracy & Civic Education (2001-2007) and was head of the Federman School of Public Policy & Governance (2009-2011).  His PhD is from UC Berkeley (1990). He has taught at UC Berkeley, Stanford University and The University of Toronto, and has held visiting fellowships at the Universities of Singapore, Sydney and Toronto. Dan Avnon has published books and essays in the fields of general and Jewish political philosophy, civic education, comparative politics and government and constitution in Israel.

Dan is Chair of the Israeli Ministry of Education's Political Science Curriculum Advisory Committee, He is also  head of the Israel's Academy of Hebrew Language's committee for political science terminology.


Select publications from past decade:

(2017) “The New Citizenship: Ethnic, Nationalistic, “Majority rule” prior to universal values.”  Giluyi Daat: Multidisciplinary Journal of Education, Society and Culture. (Hebrew, forthcoming).

(2016) “Israel's Society.” In Oxford Bibliographies in Jewish Studies. Ed. Naomi Seidman. New York: Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

(2016) Fusion of Horizons: Jewish and Israeli Political Thought (co-editor). Jerusalem: Hebrew University Magnes Pres. (Hebrew)

(2014) “BDS and the Dynamics of Self-Righteous Moralism.” Australian Journal of Jewish Studies 28: 28-46.

(2013) Civic Education in Israel (editor). Tel-Aviv: Am Oved.

(2013) "On Schabert's 'Creative Person in Politics'." In Thomas Heilke and John von Heyking (eds.), The Primacy of Persons in Politics: Empiricism and Political Philosophy. Washington: Catholic University of America, pp. 139-168.

(2012) Martin Buber: The Hidden Dialogue. Tel-Aviv: Am Oved. (Hebrew translation of English edition, first published by Rowman & Littlefield, 1996).

(2010) "Is There a 'Jewish' Morality? Amalek as a Touchstone." In Jonathan Frankel and Ezra Mendelsohn (eds.) Studies in Contemporary Judaism Annual XXIV, pp. 206-215.

)2010) Plurality & Citizenship in Israel: Moving beyond the Jewish/Palestinian Divide (co-editor). London and New York: Routledge.

(2008) "Autocracy: The Schabertian Way." In Karl-Heinz Nusser, Matthias Riedel and Theresia Ritter,  Politikos – Vom Element des Persönlichen in der Politik. Berlin: Dunker & Humblot, pp. 23-41.

(2006) Civic Language Israel. Jerusalem: Hebrew University Magnes Press. (Hebrew)