Lilach Nir

Lilach Nir
Professor, Department of Political Science
Room 5322, Social Science

I am an Associate Professor in the Political Science Department and in the Department for Communications and Journalism, and am one of the founders of the Political Communications program, which is also my main area of research and teaching. After completing my Doctorate at the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Pennsylvania, I joined the faculty of Hebrew University (2005). I am the Editor in Chief of The International Journal of Public Opinion Research since 2014.

Most of my research efforts focus on the role the media plays in democracies: Does it contribute to pluralistic thinking or polarized hatred? Which news formats increase political interest and knowledge? Does the media narrow or widen the knowledge gap between men and women? How does social media help formulate decisions? My research draws on diverse traditions including the study of media audiences, voter behavior, political psychology and public opinion.

I teach the following courses: Media Influences, which focuses on the influences differing content has on sexual behavior, legitimizing violence and the perception of “the other” in society; Political Communications in a Comparative Perspective, in which we examine the differences between different states in their institutions of communications, journalistic values and media content and its effects; and the annual seminar in socio-political behavior. 

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