Moshe Maor

Moshe Maor
Professor, Department of Political Science
Room 4315, Social Science
I am professor of political science and hold the Wolfson Family Chair in public administration at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Previously I was a Research Officer at the London School of Economics and Political Science, where I completed my doctorate in 1992. My research is concerned with comparative politics, comparative public administration, bureaucratic politics, and public policy dynamics. I have written extensively on European politics, bureaucratic reputations, and disproportionate policy responses. I am currently engaged in creating a novel foundation for the study of disproportionate response in politics and public policy, and the resulting implications for modern democracy. Using behavioral insights, I develop models to predict policy over- and under-design; policy over- and underreaction; over- and underreaction policy styles; policy bubbles; the interaction between policy bubbles, and deliberate disproportionate policy response. I recently developed the Disproportionate Policy Perspective.
Recent Publications (2018-present)
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