Natan Milikowsky

Doctoral student, Department of Political Science
Dissertation title: “Minority” in political theory – a sociological or political concept?
Supervisors: Prof. Shlomi Segall and Dr. Yiftah Elazar

I am a PhD student in the Political Science Department. I have an LLB in law and political science both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. After a year of legal work at the High Court of Justice Department in the State Attorney’s office and passing the Bar exam, I decided to take on advanced academic studies in the Political Science Department.

I am a student of political theory and study both the history of ideas and normative reflection regarding our political world. My interest lies in democratic theory, multiculturalism, equality and minorities. My dissertation deals with the concept of “minority” in political theory from the 18th century to current times. The work combines historical enquiry with normative reflection in order to better understand majority-minority relations in contemporary western democracies.