Netta Galnoor

Doctoral student, Department of Political Science
Dissertation title: Civic Consciousness in Times of Emergency – Battle Missives in the IDF 1948-2014
Supervisor: Prof. Dan Avnon

Netta Galnoor is a PhD candidate in the Advanced Research-Studies Program ("Telem"). She earned her B.A. in political science, Sociology & Anthropology; and her M.A. (magna cum laude), both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Between her degrees, she joined the Israeli Aids Task Force as the head of educational programs to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS in Israel. She was co-founder of a national HIV aid project for asylum seekers in Israel, and lobbied for non-discrimination policy.

Natta's doctoral research studies civic obligations in democratic nation states, the role that liberal thought plays in times of emergency, and the intricate relationship between state and citizens. A central aspect of her study analyzes the justifications given by army commanders to civil sacrifice during war times in Israel.     


Her research interests include, among others, Citizenship, Political Violence, Language and Social narratives.