Nir Kosti

Nir Kosti
Doctoral student, department of Political Science
Dissertation title: The Puzzle of Legislative Division of Labor: A Comparative Study of the UK and Israel, 1948-2018
Supervisor: Prof. David Levi-Faur


Nir Kosti is a PhD candidate in the Political Science department, and a fellow in the Advanced Graduate Studies Program ("Telem"). His researches focus on the interplay between legislation, regulation and comparative politics.

His PhD research examines the legislative and regulatory productivity of Israel and the United Kingdom, and more specifically, the co-production and relationships between primary and secondary legislation in the two countries during 1948-2018. His work is supervised by Prof. David Levi-Faur.

Nir holds B.A and M.A degrees (with honors) in Political Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His Master thesis focused on the co-production of primary and secondary legislation in Israel and was awarded an honorable mention by the Israeli Political Science Association.

Nir has also been awarded the 2019 President of Israel's Scholarship for Academic Excellence and Innovation, and the 2019 Hebrew University President’s Scholarship for Excellent Doctoral Students. During his PhD, he spent a research stay at the University of California, Berkeley.

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