Pazit Ben-Nun Bloom

Pazit Ben-Nun Bloom
Ben-Nun Bloom
Professor, Department of Political Science
Room 2205, Social Science


Pazit Ben-Nun Bloom is a Professor and the director of the Political Psychology Laboratory at the Department of Political Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

She is currently an Academic Visitor at Cambridge University and an Associate Member at Nuffield College, Oxford University.

The various strands of her research agenda examine the conditions under which enduring values – particularly religion and moral convictions - hinder or enhance democratic norms, such as support for democracy, tolerance, acculturation, political participation, human rights, social justice, impartiality of decision makers, and good governance.

Her current ERC-funded project examines the causal effect of exposure to cultural symbols in the public space on sociopolitical acculturation. In that vein, her team conducts cross-cultural experiments in France, England, and Israel, using innovative VR and AR technologies.

She is the recipient of the Erik Erikson Early Career Award, recognizing exceptional achievement in the field of political psychology (2019), and have received over $2,000,000 in grants, including an ERC grant (ERC-StG-804031-ReligSpace), ISF, NSF, and Marie Curie, among others. She has published in leading political science, social psychology, public policy, conflict resolution, and environmental journals.


Recent Publications (2018-present)

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