Sharon Gilad

Sharon Gilad
Professor, Department of Political Science and the School of Public Policy
Room 1744, School of Public policy

I am a Professor of Political Science and Public Policy. I joined the Hebrew University in 2010 following a PhD at Oxford and a lectureship at King's College London. My research foci are bureaucratic politics and behavioral public administration. I am inclined to employ mixed methods and observational research, bridging quantitative and qualitative methods to make sense of real-world bureaucratic settings. My most recent work and interest are in citizen-bureaucratic encounters, bureaucratic discrimination of minorities, and the effect of diversity and representation on bureaucracies’ deployment of their powers. I am also interested and have written about bureaucratic reputation and state-business regulatory encounters and their consequences for citizens. My work has been published in key journals in the field of public administration, including the Journal of Public Administration Research & Theory, Governance, Regulation & Governance and Public Administration.

Recent Publications (2018-present)

Pfefferman, T., M. Frenkel and S. Gilad. 2021. On Gendered Justifications: Resource Acquisition and Worlds of Worth in Establishing Small Enterprises in Palestine. Journal of Management Studies.
Gilad S. and N. Cohen. 2021. Bureaucratic Politics in Israel, in R. Hazan, Dowty A. Hofnung M. and G. Rahat eds. The Oxford Handbook of Israeli Politics and Society, Oxford University Press).
Gilad S. and M. Dahan. 2020. Representative Bureaucracy and Policing Styles. Public Administration.
Gilad S. 2019. Mixing Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Pursuit of Richer Answers to Real-World Questions. Public Performance & Management Review (invited for a special issue on methodology in Public Administration).
Gilad S. Alon-Barkat S. and C. Weiss. 2019. Bureaucratic Politics of Government Translation of Social Movement Demands. Governance. 32(2): 369-385.
Gilad S., Ben-Nun Bloom P. and M. Assouline. 2018. Employees’ Endogenous Processing of Organizational Reputation Signals. Journal of Behavioral Public Administration, 1(1) (Inaugural Issue).
Gilad, S. and S. Alon-Barkat. 2018. Enhancing Democracy via Bureaucracy: Senior Managers’ Social Identities and Motivation for Policy Change. Governance. 31(2): 359-380.