Shiri Cohen Kaminitz

Shiri Cohen Kaminitz
Cohen Kaminitz
Doctor, Department of Political Science and Program of Philosophy, Economics and Political Science
Room 4321, Social Science

I initiated my studies with a BA in PPE (Philosophy, Political Science and Economics) and MA in History and Philosophy of Sciences at the Hebrew University. My Ph.D at Bar-Ilan University explored the history of utilitarianism. My research interests include Political Thought, History of Economic thought, Utilitarianism, and Well-Being as a political agenda.

Recent Publications (2018-present)

Cohen Kaminitz, Shiri. "Happiness studies and the problem of interpersonal comparisons of satisfaction: two histories, three approaches." Journal of Happiness Studies 19.2 (2018): 423-442. Cohen Kaminitz, Shiri. "Contemporary procedural utility and Hume’s early idea of utility." Journal of Happiness Studies 20.1 (2019): 269-282 Cohen Kaminitz, Shiri. "Looking good or feeling well? Understanding the combinations of well-being indicators using insights from the philosophy of well-being." Social Indicators Research (2020): 1-16. Cohen Kaminitz, Shiri. "Easterlin-paradox: a revisionist account for the enlightened politician." Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy (2020): 1-17.