Tamir Sheafer

Tamir Sheafer
Professor, Department of Political Science
Dean of the Social Science Faculty

I am a Professor in the Department of Political Science and the Department of Communication and Journalism, and the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences. My research focuses on actor-centered perspectives in political communication, such as information processing and personalization; on the role of political value proximity between actors; on political narratives; and on developing new methods for automated textual analysis based on a combination of topic modelling, deep learning and expert coding.

Recent Publications (2018-present)

Sheffer, L., Lowen, P., Soroka, S., Walgrave, S., Sheafer T. (2018). Non-representative representatives: An experimental study of the decision making of elected politicians<http://tamirsheafer.huji.ac.il/publications/non-representative-represent.... American Political Science Review, 112(2), 302-321.

Michael Hameleers, Linda Bos, Nayla Fawzi, Carsten Reinemann, Ioannis Andreadis, Nicoleta Corbu, Christian Schemer, Anne Schulz, Tamir Shaefer, Toril Aalberg, Sofia Axelsson, Rosa Berganza, Cristina Cremonesi, Stefan Dahlberg, Claes H de Vreese, Agnieszka Hess, Evangelia Kartsounidou, Dominika Kasprowicz, Joerg Matthes, Elena Negrea-Busuioc, Signe Ringdal, Susana Salgado, Karen Sanders, Desirée Schmuck, Jesper Stromback, Jane Suiter, Hajo Boomgaarden, Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt, Naama Weiss-Yaniv (2018). Start Spreading the News: A Comparative Experiment on the Effects of Populist Communication on Political Engagement in Sixteen European Countries. Press/Politics, 23 (4), 517-538.

Yair Fogel-Dror, Shaul R. Shenhav, Tamir Sheafer & Wouter Van Atteveldt (2019) Role-based Association of Verbs, Actions, and Sentiments with Entities in Political Discourse. Communication Methods and Measures, 13(2), 69-82.

Amsalem, E., Zoizner, A., Sheafer, T., Walgrave, S., & Loewen, P. J. (2020). The Effect of Politicians' Personality on Their Media Visibility. Communication Research, 47(7), 1079-1102.

Zoizner, A., Shenhav, S.R., Fogel-Dror, Y., & Sheafer, T. (2020). Strategy news is good news: How journalistic coverage of politics reduces affective polarization. Political Communication.
Amsalem, E., Fogel-Dror, Y., Shenhav, S., & Sheafer, T. (in press). Fine-Grained Analysis of Diversity Levels in the News. Communication Methods and Measures, 14(4), 266-284.

Shenhav, S., Zoizner, A., Hopmann, D. N., Kleinnijenhuis, J., van Hoof, A., Kaplan, Y., and Sheafer, T. (forthcoming). Story Incentive: The Effect of National Stories on Voter Turnout. European Political Science Review.
Fogel-Dror Y, Shenhav SR, Sheafer T. (forthcoming). A Weakly Supervised and Deep Learning Method for an Additive Topic Analysis of Large Corpora<https://tamirsheafer.huji.ac.il/publications/weakly-supervised-and-deep-.... Computational Communication Research.