Tamir Sheafer

Tamir Sheafer
Professor, Department of Political Science
Dean of the Social Science Faculty

Tamir Sheafer is a Professor in the Departments of Political Science and Communication and is the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is among the founders and a previous chair of the university's Political Communication Program.


His research focuses on three main areas. The first is an actor-centered perspective, and specifically his studies of charismatic skills and personalization in the political communication arena and beyond. The second is explorations of the role of political value proximity between actors in political communication processes, and particularly between national actors in international frame building attempts in mediated public diplomacy campaigns. The third is media effects in elections, and particularly the impact of valence in agenda setting and priming.


He has published numerous articles in international peer-reviewed journals in political science, communication science, and public opinion, including in Communication Research, Comparative Political Studies, International Journal of Press/Politics, International Journal of Public Opinion Research, Journal of Communication, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Political Communication, Political Psychology, and Public Opinion Quarterly. He is the Associated Editor of Political Communication, and on the editorial board of Public Opinion Quarterly and the International Journal of Press/Politics.