Vered Porzycki

Vered  Porzycki
Doctoral student, department of Political Science
Dissertation Project Title: The Representation of Women in Parliaments: Gendered Language, Gendered Society
Doctoral Advisor: Prof. Shaul Shenhav and Dr. Odelia Oshri
I research the representation of women in politics by analyzing how they are represented in discourse. Specifically, my research focuses on how, and whether, representation of women in parliamentary discourse contributes and preserves the power struggle between men and women. Parliamentary discourse reflects the various ideologies and social norms in society, while also shaping these norms by reconciling and compromising the different, and sometimes conflicting, group's interests. Using discourse analysis, this research examines three distinct sub-categories of discourse: discourse on women, discourse with women and discourse by women. This project offers a new and comprehensive understanding of how women are being represented in parliamentary discourse and the vehicles through which this representation are being created and preserved.