Zachary Rosenzweig

Zachary  Rosenzweig
Doctoral student, Department of Political Science
Dissertation title: Dimensions of Cultural Resonance: Understanding Culture in Contemporary Political Discourse
Supervisors:Prof.Tamir Sheafer & Dr.Meital Balmas Cohen
My research explores the role of culture and cultural identity in persuasive political messaging. Through a series of three studies focusing on American political rhetoric, I assess political leaders’ appeals to key dimensions of culture, comparing their effects on media coverage and citizens. In my first study, I analyze attempts by American leaders to advance their interests and policy objectives, examining the use of cultural themes in strategic rhetoric. In my second study, I analyze the effectiveness of these appeals in shaping national media coverage, drawing from an extensive database of American news articles. My third study examines the effects of various cultural appeals on individual attitudes. In exploring these processes, I compare messages highlighting cultural experiences and values, arguing that such appeals have different effects on intended audiences.