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Previous announcements

June 2018

* Prize winning contest for reserach and seminar papers sponsored by the Begin Center


* The Department of Political Science congratulates Dr. Omer Yair for completing his PhD, titled "Political Bias and Perceptions of Political Bias"! Congratulations also to Omer's supervisors, Prof. Avner de-Shalit and Prof. Raanan Sulitzeanu-Kenan


* Link to a blog recently written by Prof. Moshe Maor: LSE Blog: British politics and policy


* The Department of Polticial Science congratulates Tal Elster for winning the University's President Scholarship!


May 2018

* Invitation to workshop with Prof. Kamari Clark, Wednesday, May 30, 15:30-19:00


* Invitation to movie viewings at the conference in honor of Moshe Negbi's memory (Hebrew invitation)


* Archeology day at the Hebrew Univesity: May 30, 2018


* Student position at the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) (link to Hebrew call)


* The 6th Arie Shachar Memorial Lecture: New cities: Utopian wishes and PowerPoint dreams


* Student position at the Unit for Advisement and Legislation (link to Hebrew call)


* Job opening at the Israeli Democracy Institute (IDI) (link to Hebrew site)

* Invitation to conference about the unrealized potential of Israe-Arab state relations, May 29, 2018


* Invitiation to political-philosophy banquet (Hebrew invite, Arabic invite


* Invitation to the 14th bi-annual conference on Asian Studies, May 23-24, 2018


* Invitation to Dr. Amir Bar-Or's book launch (link to Hebrew poster)


April 2018

* Invitation to conference: From the EU Peacebuilding to the EU Statebuilding, April 24-25


* On April 11, the Political Science student committee held a "Remembering in the Living Room" event, where holocaust survivors and second-generation survivors share their stories. An article about the event was published in a German newspaper


* Invitation to book launching event of Prof. Ruth HaCohen Pinczower and Prof. Yaron Ezrahi (link to Hebrew poster)


* Call for student applicant to position in Department of Interior (in Hebrew)


February 2018

* The Department of Political Science is happy to annoucne the international conference, "New Developments in the Study of Representation and Electoral Systems", taking place at the Truman Center, Mt. Scopus.

* The Department of Political Science congratulates Noam Brener for winning the prestigious Israeli President Scholarship!

Link to Hebrew words of congradulations

* The Department of Political Science congratulates Prof. Ehud Harari for winning the prestigious Japanese ORDER OF THE RISING SUN GOLD AND SILVER STAR!

Link to Hebrew words of congradulation

Link to site elaborating on awards (in Japanese)

* The Department of Political Science congratulates Guy Mor for winning the "Outstanding Article Award" at the 13th Rabin Graduate Conference In Political Science, International Relations and Public Policy! Link to Guy's article