The Oxford Handbook of Israeli Politics and Society.


Reuven Y., Hazan, et al. 2019. OXFORD HANDBOOKS SERIES The Oxford Handbook of Israeli Politics and Society. Oxford University Press.


This publication offers the most wide-ranging examination to date of an intriguing country, one that is often misunderstood. It serves as a comprehensive reference for the growing field of Israel studies and is also a significant resource for students and scholars of comparative politics, recognizing that in many ways Israel is not unique but rather a test case of democracy in deeply divided societies and states engaged in intense conflict. The Oxford Handbook of Israeli Politics and Society considers the role of external hostilities, but this is not taken as the main determinant of Israel's internal politics. Rather, the Handbook presents an overview of the historical development of Israeli democracy through chapters examining the country's history, contemporary society, political institutions, international relations, and most pressing political issues. This comprehensive volume offers contributions by internationally recognized authorities on their subjects, outlining the most rele